Citizen Pictures

Citizen Pictures was established in 1984 by Frank Matson. What began as a small branded programming company is now a full-fledged, Emmy-winning television production and content hub. Citizen is focused on creating lifestyle-centric programming that features talent-driven and high-profile storytelling. Our office, overlooking the Rocky Mountain Flatirons, is the creative center for a multitude of diverse and talented individuals who all share the same passion for storytelling. On top of that, there is not a better place to brainstorm, develop, or become inspired by one’s surroundings than the city of Boulder, Colorado.  From food, travel, and home to sports, true crime, and competition formats, we create entertaining content that we would want to watch. And we do so by collaborating with some of the top networks, streamers, digital platforms, and talent. Here at Citizen, we stand by quality over quantity, and we don’t take short cuts. We believe in the power of the media industry to change perspective, to drive brands, and to ultimately create lasting impressions.